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TVHSG has been awarded by Safety Groups UK,
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The Group, which incorporates the Reading Safety Group, has been established for 50 years and is active in promoting all aspects of occupational health and safety to businesses both large and small. Our members represent organisations and individuals throughout the Thames valley.

The Group’s mission is to help and educate businesses, no matter what size, in the compliance of Health & Safety Regulation.  The Group is a not for profit organisation.  We will always work closely with the enforcing authorities and update members on what is happening in the world of Health & Safety.  We aim to give as much support as is reasonably practical to SME’s in particular.  The Group is fully committed to helping local businesses in complying with the law and reducing the number of deaths and accidents in the work place.

An Executive Committee, elected by the members, serves the Group to ensure that all members' needs are met, with updates on current and future legislation and topics of interest to anyone involved in health and safety at work.

Can We Help You?
By joining the Group, you can benefit from networking with others and be able to draw on vast knowledge and experiences of our members.  Many health and safety challenges that you may face have already been faced by our members and you can benefit from and draw on their experiences.  Whether your organisation is large or small or you are an individual with responsibilities for health and safety, by attending our meetings we can offer you all the support and help you need.


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A Case Study

   I was employed as a warehouse manager at a small family run distribution company, having worked my way up the ladder from a van delivery driver.  My company had employed the services of a large consultancy firm to “do their health & safety” and had received two large files from the consultancy firm.

   These two files sat on a shelf without being opened for a year, when the consultancy firm asked for an appointment to see the directors of my company to review progress of the changes needed.

   The directors of the company that I worked for were unaware at the time that they had to change anything in the day to day running of the business, to comply with the law, as they had not looked and read the contents of the files. They thought that as they had paid out about £8,000 for the services (approx in 2007) and that they were fully covered by H&S regulation.

   I was approached shortly after and asked if I would take on the task of managing health & safety in the company.  It was pointed out that this would be a function alongside my role as warehouse manager, as this was not seen as a full time job and if the company took on a consultant to fill this post it may upset some members of staff.  I agreed to accept this new position and spent a lot of time researching H&S regulation using the internet (particularly HSE website before it was updated).

   I became increasingly frustrated and feeling that I was a “loner” for going down this route in my company.  I soon realised that the whole H&S scenario would take up a lot more time than I could allot to it.  After about a year, I had a meeting with the directors of the company and explained that I did not have enough time to do both jobs.

   I was then given the option of warehouse or h&s. Despite my background in warehouse work, I opted for h&s.  I only had a small amount of back up from the directors of the company at the time and felt that I was being used to ensure that they complied with current legislation and that I would be to blame if something went wrong.

   I was desperate to find a group like the Thames Valley Health & Safety Group for support in this field.  I finally found out about the TVHSG after visiting an H&S exhibition and visiting the Safety Groups UK stand, where I found out about my local group. Just being a member of the group has increased my confidence in my knowledge of H&S, as I know that I can draw on the vast Knowledge of fellow members.  I would definitely recommend anybody, who has any health & safety responsibilities, to contact the Group to see what the Group could offer them.

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